Trademark Information

REVISION DATE: December 29th, 2023
Below is the Trademark Information for CVQuest.

1 Definitions

Definitions for terms used in this document can be viewed at the Definitions Document

2 Our Trademarks

CVQuest and the CVQuest logo are registered trademarks of CVQuest and its affiliates in the South Africa and/or other countries.

3 Use of the “CVQuest” name in text

When referring to our company, the full name is CVQuest Corporation. When referring to our services, the CVQuest name should be written as one word and used as an adjective followed by a description of our services in a form similar to the following examples:
• CVQuest® professional networking services
• CVQuest™ recruiting services
The CVQuest name should always be accompanied by either the ® or ™ symbol. See Attribution under the Use Requirements and Terms, for further information.

5 Manufactured items

Generally, CVQuest does not permit the use of its Marks on manufactured products (T-shirts, packaging, other memorabilia). If you wish to use CVQuest’s Marks on manufactured items, please contact