Terms and Definitions

REVISION DATE: December 29th, 2023
This document is used to define terms that may be interpretable in many ways. The definition used here is the definition that applies to all the legal documents on CVQuest.

For the purpose of clarity, any item listed bellow will apply the same meaning whether used in the singular or plural, for example User, Users, User’s and User/s will all mean: “Any entity whether a member or not that may interact with the CVQuest Website or CV Quest Portal for any purpose.”

  1. CVQuest: the legal entity Registered. Within Southern Africa as CVQuest (PTY) LTD, its Owners, Directors, Shareholders, Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, and staff.
  2. CVQuest Portal: The Internet application used for the explicit purpose of matching Candidates with Employers.
  3. Portal: Synonymous with CVQuest Portal.
  4. Platform: Synonymous with CVQuest Portal.
  5. Software: the Application and computer program/s that runs the platform, including its libraries and digital components that make the platform function are all defined as Software.
  6. SaaS: Software as a Service, under which multiple customers gain access, through the internet, to what is typically the platform and Software. The application is deployed on servers controlled by CVQuest. The platform or Software is licenced to the member for a defined period.
  7. Period: the time frame by which the member has use of the platform.
  8. Website User: Specifically, an entity that is not a member that interacts with the CVQuest website/s, Documentation and or Portal.
  9. User: Any entity whether a member or not that may interact with the CVQuest Website or CV Quest Portal for any purpose.
  10. Member: is Any Natural or Juristic entity that has registered to use the CVQuest Portal either as an Employer or as a Candidate. Any person who has a login to the CVQuest Portal and applications.
  11. Candidate: A Natural person of legal working age in the territory that is submitting their Information to the CVQuest Portal for the explicit purpose of finding legal employment with an Employer advertising a position on the CVQuest Portal.
  12. Employer: A (Juristic Person, Person, Company, Legal Entity) who is legally allowed to operate a business within the territory they are operating.
  13. Who is legally allowed to employ Staff within the territory they are operating in.
  14. And the staff are allowed to operate on a full time, part time or contractual basis within the territory. This term Employer would extend to the company or corporation, its shareholders, Directors, Board Members and Staff.
  15. Staff: Means any person employed either on a contract basis or under full time employment with an Employer. Generally speaking, this will be a candidate once an employment agreement has been reached. In CVQuest context, staff is a person employed by an Employer.
  16. Agency: Refers to any third party acting on behalf of either a candidate or an employer who is not the candidate themselves or the employer themselves, or their direct staff.
  17. Territory: Geographical area subject to the sovereignty, control, or jurisdiction of a state, government, Kingdom, or other entity. Where the laws governing the territory are the same within the territory.
  18. EULA: The End User Licence Agreement is an agreement between the software creator, CVQuest and the Member. The EULA outlines the conditions and restrictions for use of the software, as well as what and how the licensing of the platform and software works.
  19. Licence: Synonymous with EULA
  20. Agreement: This is the terms and conditions the Member agrees to in lieu of gaining access and use of the platform during the agreed period.
  21. This includes the collection of documents: Terms of service Policy, EULA, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, Data Deletion Policy, and Territory. But not limited to these documents.
  22. Privacy Policy: a legal document that explains how a company or website collects, uses, and shares personal information, this would include, but not limited to, the Data Collection, Data Retention, Data Usage as well as Data Deletion Policies.
  23. Documentation: means manuals, end-user documentation, technical and system documentation, Legal Documentation and other written material provided to the Members of the Platform by CVQuest whether Online or in hard copy and would include any updates, upgrades, revisions or new updated releases that describe the business functionality, Policies, agreements or technical specifications of the Platform.
  24. Policy: a subset of Documentation Specifically to refer to Policy Documentation such as (but not limited to) Terms of Service Policy, EULA Policy, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, Data retention Policy, Data Deletion Policy, Data Collection Policy, Data Usage Policy, Etc.
  25. Terms: a subset of the Documentation referring specifically to terms of use of the platform, the terms of Service and the terms and conditions that guide the usage of the Platform.
  26. Licence Metric: defines the metrics and period by which the members are charged for use of the platform by CVQuest.
  27. Responsibilities: each Party has certain responsibilities as defined by the Documentation, the EULA and the agreement, it is each party’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with their responsibilities.
  28. Party: a party is defined as a member, or an employer or as CVQuest
  29. Services: Any and all services performed by the CVQuest Portal and or CVQuest pertaining to but not limited to Account creation for candidates and companies, hosting of documents and connecting of individuals with companies for the purpose of employment.
  30. Terms of Service: Synonymous with Terms.
  31. Cookie: a piece of code stored in a user's web browser. Cookies store and recall information about the user and make operations more efficient. Functions of cookies include remembering information like shopping cart items or enabling functions like video playback.
  32. Local Storage: Local storage enables a website or application to store information locally on a Users device(s). Local storage may be used to improve the CVQuests experience, by enabling features, remembering your unsent messages, and speeding up site functionality.
  33. Pixels: A pixel is a tiny image that may be embedded within web pages and emails, requiring a call (which provides device and visit information) to CVQuests servers in order for the pixel to be rendered in those web pages and emails. We use pixels to learn more about User interactions with email content or web content, such as whether a User interacted with notifications emails.
  34. Translation: CVQuest may from time to time provide translations of these Documents into local languages ("Translations"). Translations are provided for convenience only. The English language version of these Terms with the same Revision Date will control in the event of any difference in meaning or interpretation between a Translation and the English language version with the corresponding Revision Date.
  35. Severability: also known by the Latin term "salvatorius," is a provision in a piece of legislation or a contract that allows the remainder of the legislation's or contract's terms to remain effective, even if one or more of its other terms or provisions are found to be unenforceable or illegal.
  36. Effective Date: is the date on which a statute, contract, or other such legally binding instrument or agreement takes effect or becomes operative and enforceable.
  37. Entity: a person or organization possessing separate and distinct legal rights, such as an individual, partnership, or corporation, a candidate and an Employer will also be an Entity.
  38. Contract: Synonymous with Agreement.
  39. Profile: a collection of settings, documentation, images and other private or publicly available information submitted to the platform and services by the member associated with the member to distinguish the member on the platform. The profile may contain User Data.
  40. User Data: means any Personal Information or other data or information submitted to the platform and services by the member. This can include company information for the employer, Salary Information, CV’s from candidates or any other information submitted by the Member onto the platform.
  41. Personal Data: information which relates to an identifiable, living, natural person, and where it is applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person.