Data Retention Policy

REVISION DATE: December 27th, 2023
Below is the Data Retention Policy for CVQuest

1 Definitions

Definitions for terms used in this document can be viewed at the Definitions Document

2 Introduction

This Data Retention Policy as provided by CVQuest is intended to Provide users with all the information that is needed to understand what Personal Data is retained by CVQuest, and the reason CVQuest may retain Personal Data of Users.

3 Retention of Personal Information

CVQuest Provide a managed platform, Personal Data Capture, access, Alterations and Deletions are the responsibility and under the direct control of the member, as such Data Retention is primarily controlled by the Member other than, But not limited to;

  1. CVQuest perform regular system backups to ensure and maintain the integrity of the Platform, Personal Data may be included in these Backups.
  2. We may require by law to retain Personal Data under certain Conditions, in which case for that purpose Personal Data may be retained.
CVQuest is not a storage service, and as such there is no Direct or indirect promise for us to Retain any data whatsoever, CVQuest cannot be held liable for any data corruption or deletion.

4 Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is provided by CVQuest and is intended to Provide users with all the information that is needed to understand the Personal Data that CVQuest may have regarding Users, please see the Privacy Policy

5 Data Collection

Data Collection Defines what data is collected by CVQuest, how this Data is collected by CVQuest and the purpose for which this data is collected by CVQuest, please see the Data Collection Policy

6 Data Usage

Data Usage defines how CVQuest uses Personal Data, how Users can Access Personal Data, What Personal Data may be shared with third Parties, how that Personal Data is shared and What those Third Parties may use the data for, please see the Data Usage Policy

7 Data Deletion

The Data Deletion Policy defines When CVQuest Deletes Personal Data, How Users may request for Personal Data to be Deleted, What Personal Data can be Deleted and what personal Data may be outside the Control of CVQuest and therefor unable to be deleted, Please see the Data Deletion Policy