Community Guidelines

REVISION DATE: December 29th, 2023
Below is the Community Guidelines for CVQuest.

1 Definitions

Definitions for terms used in this document can be viewed at the Definitions Document

2 Introduction

CVQuests aim is to create a platform that is inclusive, respectful and professional. The Services and Platform provided are intended to connect Employers and Candidates for purpose of fulfilling job requirements. As such CVQuest has set guidelines by which all members are required to conduct themselves in order to maintain a professional environment.

3 Language

CVQuest is for professionals and as such require that all Users maintain professionalism when creating or uploading content and messaging other members through the platform. This means not using language that is violent, malicious, offensive, deliberately disrespectful or sexually explicit, including but not limited to slurs and profanities.

4 Content

All content posted on the platform should be for the purpose of job seeking or hiring and as such CVQuest will not tolerate any content that fitting into that purpose and or any unlawful or sexual content. Any Content Violating the above could result in deletion of the content and or suspension or even termination of the members account. Depending on the nature of the content, CVQuest may take appropriate measures to reported inappropriate Content to the appropriate authorities. CVQuest allows you to add links to your account and send via the platform and as such the content sent via the platforms must also abide by CVQuest’ s guidelines. All content that Users upload and or share through the platform must be owned by the User, Users may not share or upload content that reveals confidential, non-public internal company information or that the User does not own or have the right to use.

5 Violence and Harassment

Users are not permitted to threaten, incite, or promote violence: This includes inciting, organizing, or glorifying criminal activities; Encouraging others to hurt themselves or others. Users may not intimidate, shame, verbally attack or sexually harass: Users may not use this platform as a dating / hookup service, nor should Users use any of these means to force (or other forceful means) to get another member give or take a job. Users may not share shocking or harmful material: CVQuest does not allow content that is gruesome or shocking. This includes content that is sadistic or gratuitously graphic, such as the depiction of bodily injury, physical or sexual violence.

6 Be Truthful

Any content, job listing or messages must be truthful and representative of the User and may not be false or misleading. No User is allowed to impersonate any person dead or living, all content that Users upload must be owned by that user and must be current and up to date. Users may not create a fake profile or falsify information about themselves, this includes fake profiles of a person, company or legal entity or documents, qualifications, work experience, achievements, profile pictures that are not their own.

7 Advertising

CVQuest is not to be used for the advertising or sale of goods or services. This platform is purely for connecting Employers and Candidates and as such CVQuest may remove any content that is deemed to be outside of the scope of the intended services.

8 Moderation

With the help of CVQuest’ s members, CVQuest actively moderates content and suspends members who do not respect the Community Guidelines or the professional nature of CVQuest’ s services. CVQuest stays neutral in all cases of dispute; we don’t take sides and we don’t act as the finder of facts with respect to reviewing content. However, CVQuest retains the right to remove any content from the platform that does not or is believed not to be in line with the Community Guidelines, and as such may suspend accounts that do not follow Community Guidelines.